Home base

So I’ve been unemployed for sometime and as such I venture out once in a while in search of oh so elusive job, and on such a fine day I stumbled into UPPERCASE a publishing house mistaking it for a store. I was searching for part-time work at the time and retail is one of few options open to me, so there I was handing out resumes in boutiques and art gallery’s and boom I drop into UPPERCASE… I hand Janine my resume and she asks me what line of employment am I looking for and I reply retail. She informs me that UPPERCASE isn’t a store anymore but an office for her publishing company. I’m a little embarrassed but she looks over my resume anyway. Here’s the serendipity: Janine was about to post an ad for help wanted, office administrative aid-namely data entry, and here I was with office experience-mostly document control in my background looking for work. I’m invited to sit down for a quick interview. YAY! UPPERCASE runs a quarterly magazine by the same name and publishes various books. Due to time constraints and simply too much for one person to do she’s built up somewhat of a backlog of orders which needed to be entered into their database. This was the primary mission followed by answering emails about the magazine, fulfilling orders and corresponding with subscribers and stockists etc. I talked a bit about my work experience and after a few minutes I was told I’d get a call back later that week. What are the chances of walking into a place just as they’re going to advertise the perfect job for me?!

Serendipity part 2:
Later that week I was downtown after an appointment when I realize I have voicemail. There waiting for me was a message from Janine left a few moments ago asking if I wanted to come in to talk more about the potential job. I call her back probably much faster than she expected and ask if she’s free. I’m downtown and close by so I could drop by in 5 mins. She gives the ok and 5 mins later I’m in the office definitely faster than expected. We talk more about the job and all that comes with it and I’m invited to start the next day! There’s a trial period of 2 weeks or so to see if it’s a good fit which ended about 2 weeks ago so here I am, new job in tow and happily employed. Uber YAY!




search a world of no endings
musing to myself,
when will the world turn over
send my knots beyond worried tides,
clear in mind for futures
not a cloud in the sky,
move to warmer climates
never dull in mercury lines
compatible for all us users
the visions blur in turn,
crouch and stoop to outstanding levels
let those measures go an inch,
curl up the sandy toes
and loom over the undone stages,
when rain comes to the city
we’ll leave the multiples behind
now be here with me and my races
call no one to the scene
we’ll peel the universe into layers of dos
appeal to all the masses.