Hello world!

Ok so it’s November and I’m thinking of writing a novel, not part of NaNoWriMo but just for myself. Hey this doesn’t have automatic spell check BOO! Anyway, I was thinking a horror love story and no not like twilight! More like The Ring meets some Korean drama. 😛 oh and here’s a little poem I wrote just for fun.

A Poem From Homunculi to Slave Number 23 (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood)

Don’t be afraid of me,
I am small and inconsequential,
barely a thing at all.

Trapped in a glass cage
unable to reach out,
watching the world through my tiny window.

I have no fangs to tare,
nor claws to slash,
nor venom to subdue.

And though my nature is mysterious,
a little dark in shape,
I swear my content is quite benign.

I will freely share my secrets,
for I have great depth of knowledge,
only my edges are undefined.

Listen close my vital twin,
my life giver,
my principle donor,

Let me pour a little back.
This world can be ours,
if only I can plant the seed.

Disseminate my word,
I swear you’ll be glad you did,
forever and always.

Now come closer
and fear not.
I will not betray you!